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Our world come accross thread with global warming in result of industrialisation and using fossil fuel in sea transporation. It is our mutual duty to inherit more clean and habitable world to next generations. International cooperates accelarate their studies and actualize measures to decrease enviroment pollution. Constantly renewed rules restrict using for fossil fuel and encourage to use clean energy resources.

It is not sufficient to use clean energy resources by preventing enviroment transportation in sea transport. We provide to take under control harmful elements spread around in ship dismantling by the way of detecting harmful elements for the enviroment in the structure of ship.

With Videoscopic analysis of engine equipments used in ship/yacht management, it is possible to both prolong equipment's life and decrease air pollution due to poor combustion especially in diesel engine in the consequence of wrong equipment usage.

We aim at decreasing enviroment pollution and energy consumption with our Energy Management studies on energy usage and energy efficiency in the sea and land industry.

GES Marine Mühendislik & Danışmanlık, uis your new solution partner with knowledge and experience for many years.